October 27

Rebuilding The Old School

Work commences on rebuilding The Old School
November 17

The Ghardail Micro Hyrdo Scheme is Commissioned

The run of river 93Kw hydro scheme was commissioned in 2015 on the Ghardail River.
August 20

The Pier Undergoes Major Remedial Works

The pier in front of The Boathouse undergoes major remedial works. At the lowest tides of the year, the middle section of the pier had new concrete and gabion baskets put in place to strengthen the pier.
January 18

Footpath Routes Are Improved

Footpath routes are improved, including the track past Seaview Cottage
June 20

Work Commences of the Ghardail Micro-Hydro Scheme

Work on building the Ghardail Micro-Hydro Scheme commences, a new run-of-river scheme.
February 28

The Deer Count is Carried Out By Helicopter

Every year the deer at Kingairloch and the surrounding area are counted to establish what the herd numbers are to calculate the next season’s cull. In 2014 a helicopter count of Kingairloch was carried out, giving an accurate snapshot of the numbers. A foot count is the norm, but we..Read More
July 22

The Gate Lodge Opens

The Gate Lodge renovation is completed and opens for bookings.
August 9

The Gate Lodge Undergoes Major Rennovations

A firm favourite with holiday makers to Kingairloch, but in 2011 it was felt the house needed to be modernised. Major internal works were carried out, including moving a bathroom upstairs. The image is of the former kitchen in the house.
June 21

Changes to The Steadings

A conservatory is added to The Steadings, making it much brighter in the living area. It is also decided to let the house as a self-catering holiday cottage.
March 9

Road works past The Gate Lodge

The private estate road is moved away from The Gate Lodge, giving guests in the house much greater privacy.
June 11

Native woodland is planted

The Corrie Bahn glen is fenced and planted with native woodland. Small fenced blocks were created, allowing for red deer to migrate through the area.
May 9

Re-roofing of the byre at South Corrie

The byre at South Corrie is re-roofed
April 8

The Steadings Opens as a Bed and Breakfast

After extensive renovations of a derelict shed, The Steadings was opened as a bed and breakfast.
March 2

New Biomass Heating Installed

A larger district biomass heating system is installed; heating Rose Cottage, Riverside Cottage, Kingairloch House and the Ceilidh Hall
May 14

The Walled Garden Undergoes Major Works

A much needed polytunnel is installed, raised beds and a beautiful water feature are built.
April 24

Seaview Cottage Opens For Bookings

After major renovation works, Seaview Cottage opens for bookings. The renovation project had quite a lot of challenges due to the location of the cottage. Following the completion of this cottage,  work starts Ghardail Cottage to modernise the house.
March 7

The Boathouse Restaurant opens

The Boathouse Restaurant opens in March
January 1

Conversion of the byre at Glengalmadale into The Steadings

The byre at Glengalmadale is converted into a bed and breakfast.
June 14

Footpath Routes Are Finished

The footpath routes built in connection with the Loch Uisge hydro are finished, in total there are 7Km of low level routes throughout the estate.
June 13

The Boathouse shed undergoes Conversion

The Boathouse shed undergoes conversion to a restaurant and Seaview Cottage begins its renovation.
April 4

Kingairloch House is Extended

The bedrooms and bathrooms are re-configured to now have four en-suite rooms and one bedroom with an adjacent shower room. Downstairs, one of the garages are converted to a games room and a drying room is added.
February 11

Biomass Plant is Installed at Home Farm

A biomass heating system is installed at Home Farm. This system heats the house, offices and laundry. Timber that is harvested at Kingairloch is allowed to dry and is then chipped and stored on the estate.
April 14

Native Species Replanted at Home Farm

Commercial forestry block behind Home Farm is harvested and replanted with native species
October 27

Renovations and Kingairloch Purchased From Foster Yeoman Ltd

Foster Yeoman Ltd was sold to Aggregate Industries and Kingairloch is purchased by the Yeoman & Larson family from the new owners of Foster Yeoman.  
February 1

Road Improvements and Camus House Works

Camus House undergoes minor renovations and the road into the Camas na Croise bay is re-tarmaced.
September 9

Loch Uisge hydro starts to generate electricity

Loch Uisge hydro starts to generate power. At the time of commissioning, it was the largest conventional hydro scheme constructed in Scotland since 1963 and the first since then to incorporate a new storage reservoir. The scheme comprises a surface powerhouse with a horizontal 3.5 MW Francis turbine, a 6m..Read More
January 27

Work Continues on the Loch Uisge Hydro and many other projects take place

Work continues on the Loch Uisge Hydro. The lochan/duck pond in the Corrie Bahn glen was re-dammed, creating a wetland area for coastal birds and mammals. Commercial timber block above Kingairloch House and Keepers Cottage is harvested and replanted. The old deer larder and gardener’s shed (building behind Kingairloch House)..Read More
July 21

Loch Uisge Hydro Construction Commences

Work commences on the Loch Usige hydro-electric scheme. The loch was considerably enlarged as the penstock for the 3.7mW hydroelectric scheme in conjunction with SSE.
March 24

Deer Larder is Opened

The state of the art deer larder is opened. Carcasses are able to be 100% processed at Kingairloch, venison is able to be purchased directly from the estate.
April 27

Kingairloch House Renovations Finish

Kingairloch House renovations finish in the Spring allowing for bookings to commence from the summer onwards
April 27

Kingairloch House Undergoes Major Renovation

Kingairloch House undergoes major renovation. Work included creating more bathrooms upstairs and significant interior design throughout the house. Additionally, the private estate hill road from the B8043 leading down towards Pier Cottage is upgraded and re-tarmaced.
March 27

Mrs Strutt Passes Away

Mrs Strutt passes away. Kingairloch is now fully managed by Susan Larson.
November 5

Keepers Cottage Bridge Repairs

The bridge in front of Keepers Cottage undergoes repairs
May 2

Cattle byre conversion at Home Farm

The cattle byre at Home Farm is converted into stables, making the farm a wonderful home for the Larson family as the girl’s ponies can now be moved in.
February 15

Kurt, Susan, Katrina and Heather Larson Move In

Kurt, Susan, Katrina and Heather Larson move to Home Farm to begin taking over the management of Kingairloch
February 8

Foster Yeoman purchases Kingairloch Estate

The family owned quarrying company purchased Kingairloch in 1989 following their purchase of neighbouring Glensanda in the early 1980s from the Strutt family. Glensanda is the site of one of the largest coastal quarries in Europe, however very little disturbance is felt at Kingairloch. Mrs Patricia Strutt retained management of..Read More